Johnny in New York City! 

The U.S. OPEN 14.1 Straight-Pool POCKET BILLIARDS CHAMPIONSHIP was held April 12-16, 2000 in New York City, at the Roseland Ballroom.  Johnny Archer felt real good going into the tournament, "I felt like I was playing good, my elbow wasn't hurting me too bad and I felt like I could run a lot of balls."

Johnny's first match was against Greg Fix, and he beat Greg 150-74.  Then Johnny had to play Ralf Souquet (Ralf ended up winning the tournament) and with Souquet, Johnny didn't perform like he wanted to, "I made a few mistakes and it cost me."  Johnny lost 120-150 against Souquet.

Johnny's first match on the one loss side was against Tom Storm, from Sweden.  Johnny beat Tom with a score of 150-81.  Then he played Takashi Toda, who is from Japan, and Johnny beat him 150-24.  Johnny had his high run of the tournament during that match with Toda with an impress run of 118. (Takashi Toda had beat Dallas West, lost to Tom Walter and then beat Jeremy Jones before meeting up with Johnny). 

Johnny then had to play Tony Robles.  Tony ended up beating Johnny 150-24.  Tony Robles had the high run of the tournament against Johnny in this match, running 148 balls.  Johnny said it was "tough to sit and watch, and not get a chance at all."  Johnny added, "But, I could have done the same thing to him.  It wasn't such a bad loss because I didn't get much of a chance." 

Johnny Archer ended up finishing in 9th place and earning $1,000.  Was he happy with his finish?  "I am not happy unless I win," he said.  "I could have played a little better.  Could have played a little worse; probably got out of the tournament what I put in."  

Johnny ended up watching the remaining players for the rest of the tournament.  He said he liked watching Dick Lane, "He impressed me a lot and I liked watching him play because he doesn't make many mistakes."  Johnny also said he liked watching Sigel back to playing again.

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